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Holistic Education centered around Herbalism, Holistic Sexual Health and Spirituality. 

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Courses and Programs focused on Herbal Medicine and Healing with Sacred Plants. 

Holistic Sexual Health

Courses and Programs centered all around sexual health, pleasure and healing holistically.


Courses to help you dive deeper and increase your energetic frequency. 

Holistic Healing is more than a bandage for pain, illness or suffering. It's about addressing the entire self - mind, body and spirit. At Anuuma Academy, we combine herbal education, sacred somatics and spirituality to bring you the most comprehensive programs like none other available. 

Pillars of Holistic Education

Heal, Elevate, Educate and Awaken the Mind. 

Detoxify, Heal and Strengthen the Body.

Elevate, Purify and Free the Spirit. 

"I decided to make a Red Raspberry Leaf Herbal Infusion because it was herb I used during my moon cycle. During my moon cycle I saw Benifits of using this herb and I want to incorporate in my daily life. I noticed my pelvic floor strengthen, less bleeding, shorter cycle, and I wasn’t cramping at all. I’m trying to see what benefits I would experience using the herb for 30 days. I honestly believe every women should use this herb in their daily life Thank you for the lesson."

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